Group Speaking

We have a passion about what we do and are always interested in opportunities to speak before groups. We have experience conducting workshops and working with groups of various sizes. Please contact us if we can be of service to you.

Marriage and Family Topic Descriptions:

  • Blended Families Addresses issues unique to stepfamilies.
  • Differences Can Be Good Teaches how to see differences as stepping stones rather than stumbling blocks.
  • Divorce Recovery Based on “Divorce Care” curriculum and “The Fresh Start Divorce Recovery Workbook” by Burns & Whiteman.
  • Family Mission & Goals Guides the process of intentionally developing your family mission statement and goals.
  • Marriage After an Affair Uses the concepts of “After the Affair” by Spring.
  • Marriage Crucible Teaches that marriage is a crucible designed for growth and healing. God uses the pain to get our attention. Are you listening?
  • Marriage Preparation Given by a certified PREPARE Counselor.
  • Parenting Skills Motivates by using concepts from “Love & Logic” by Faye & Cline.
  • Protecting Your Marriage Teaches how to protect your marriage from that which threatens within ourselves and without ourselves.
  • Spiritual Oneness Explores what God meant when He said that the two shall become one. How do we draw closer to spiritual oneness?
  • Stepparenting Utilizes and summarizes over 100 resources and research results.

Individual Topic Descriptions:

  • Acceptance Lessons on learning to accept God, self, and others unconditionally with protecting boundaries.
  • Communication Skills Interactive seminar, based on concepts from “PREPARE/ENRICH” and “Talking and Listening Together” by Miller, et al.
  • Conflict Resolution Interactive session, based on concepts from “PREPARE/ENRICH”.
  • Defeating Blame Addresses how blame deceives us into shifting our problem to someone else. Instructs on how to recognize if you are a “blame-a-holic” and learn how to change.
  • Grief and Loss Based on “Stages of Grief and Loss” by Elisabeth Kubler Ross.
  • Total Forgiveness Based on the book of the same title, teaches the biblical truth of how to choose forgiveness and incorporate it into your life.
  • Treasure Yourself with Purpose Tackles tough questions like, “Do you feel you have lost your own identity?” and “Do you wonder who God created you to be?” Rediscover your treasure in you and what God believes about you.