Credit Card-Provide or Update

Fast Secure way to add, update or change your credit card

Easy and secure steps:

Follow these steps as you call so you are sure to complete the process quickly.


  1. Call 651-439-2059 and dial ext 15. (this is secure voicemail answered only by our trained staff)
  2. Say the name on the card and name of patient if different. (spell last name)
  3. READ your card number number twice.
  4. Read your expiration date and 3 or 4 digit security code.
  5. Give us the name of your therapist.

That’s it! Thank you!


If you would like a confirmation we have received, updated and deleted this message, just give us your name and email and click on the CONFIRM button below and you will get a confirmation by email when office staff have added your information.