Maria Hayes

I believe that to participate in formative therapy with a person is to see their
heart – their truest, most vulnerable self. People carry burdens with them, and as
we know, life can be heavy. But I believe that it is in that vulnerability and in those
trials that God reveals and can retrieve within us beautiful things, even when all
seems lost. My mission is to walk with my clients through their struggle towards
peace and healing. I feel that everyone has a story worth hearing and that I can
also learn a lot from my clients, just as they can from me.

I love working with parents, couples and children. I utilize different modes of
therapy including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy,
Narrative Therapy, Family Systems Therapy, and Solution Focused Therapy. My
faith informs my practice, so it will be priority for me to validate the dignity of
every person. If the client chooses, I can also implement faith into sessions.


Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology & Family Studies from the University of St.
Completing Master’s Degree at Bethel University in Marriage and Family Therapy