Disruptions in relationships regularly occur in life and the experience of feeling disconnected is not uncommon. Many of us have experienced children growing older and leaving home, job loss, retirement, frequent arguments with those closest to us, divorce, separation, and death of loved ones. Some of us have experienced life threatening events, serious illnesses and physical losses that result in a dramatic shift on how we fit into the world and in the lives of others. These events can result in a loss of satisfaction in life or at times a loss of hope in having a life worth living. We are all here for a reason. Being aware of our values and beliefs (our spirituality) helps us in knowing what that reason is. Making daily choices based upon our spirituality can provide us and those around us with a life worth living.

My own life was disrupted when I was diagnosed with a life threatening cancer and the three year process of recovery. I am grateful for this disruption in my own life and for physically surviving cancer. Emotionally it was devastating to my family and me. My life stopped. Everything had changed. Eventually with the help of my family, friends, ministers, and a wonderful therapist I began a journey of clarifying my values and beliefs. In my own personal journey I found that life is most fulfilling and satisfying when I am conscious of my values of kindness, compassion and acceptance. These values are part of my covenant with others as well as me. They ground me in how I ideally want to be with others in the world. When I lose sight of this covenant it is easy to become self-critical, judgmental, start living in the past again or worrying about the future. At these times it is difficult to access the best part of ourselves. Accepting this about me is a work in progress and does require having a clear understanding of how my choices affect me and others.

Therapy in part, is taking time to learn “why do I feel the way I feel and why do I choose what I choose”. It is also developing this same understanding to others in our lives. With this comes true empathy and emotional closeness. This framework helps us understanding if one is moving forward with value based living in the present or if one is motivated by perceived threats and fears that keep one a prisoner of the past. My commitment to you is to have a safe and trusting relationship without judgment. A commitment to understand your experience, for you to feel heard, understood, respected.

Therapy is a forward looking process on what can be done now in order to be more effective in our relationships with others and the world around us. Therapy is learning about strengths and weakness and using both to maintain your balance in life.


I have served individuals across multiple age groups (16 and older) who have had a variety of mental health concerns.

David is a Licensed Psychologist in the mental health profession for 35 years. He received his Doctorate in Clinical Psychology from Argosy University and Master Degree in Behavior Modification from Southern University at Carbondale. David is a member of the American Psychological Association and International Association of Trauma Professionals.