No one’s life is free of struggle. Children, youth, adults, parents, and families will all face challenges that can feel overwhelming at times. The care and support of others is often how we get through these difficult times.

Some of our challenges are just part of life. Other challenges are biological in nature and cause an imbalance in the brain and powerful emotions that are hard to cope with. Some challenges, like anxiety and depression, can be a result of a combination of biology and stressors. Feelings of loneliness, insecurity, anger, hurt, fear, jealousy, sadness and more can result.

If any case, if you’re reading this page, you’ve probably reached a point that you want help for yourself, or for your child, so you can all feel better, be happier, have more positive relationships and experience more of the good things that life has to offer.

When I work with you or your child, I like to help you examine all the factors that could be contributing to the problem and approach treatment holistically so no stone is left unturned in the healing process and you can harness all available options and strengths for feeling better, coping, and adapting to the challenges life has presented. What that means is that we’ll look at sleep, diet, exercise, thought processes, feeling states, support networks, adaptations to the environment, and spirituality (if you’d like) to develop a comprehensive plan for feeling better.

I also help families, like yours, stop yelling so your family can be more peaceful and you can be even closer to your kids. You may also wish you had tools to learn how to get your kids to listen, use positive and effective discipline that works, get rid of disrespectful back talk, and learn how to calmly handle your child’s anger and your own so your family can be happier. I can provide you with those tools.

My mission in the last 22 years of caring for children, youth, and families has been to help transform families so you can feel extraordinary love, support and encouragement that will last a lifetime. I believe that the world would be a different place if every child felt this love deep in their heart. We all have strengths and I believe I was placed on this earth to help families be happier and more peaceful.

I’d like to close by sharing two of my favorite Bible verses:

Corinthians 4:13

Three things will last forever- faith, hope and love- and the greatest of these is love.

Mathew 19:26

With God all things are possible.

If my message resonates with you in some way, please reach out and I’ll join you, or your child, in your journey toward feeling better.

Education & Experience

I’ve worked with children, youth and families for 22 years. I have a Master’s Degree from the University of St. Thomas and I’m a licensed psychologist in the state of Minnesota. I’m a member of Minnesota Women in Psychology, Minnesota Association for Children’s Mental Health and the Fellowship of Christian Business and Professional Women. I’ve helped people with issues around family, anger management, anxiety, depression, adoption, infertility, grief and loss, and ADD/ADHD. I also developed two parenting programs: “Peace at Home: A Four-Step Process to Stop the Yelling and Arguing in Your Family” and the “Get Your Kids to Listen the First Time Parenting Program.”