Steve Wolinski

Life can be hard, there is no way around it. We all have experiences and issues that can cause despair, grief, fear, stress, anger, confusion, and a host of other responses that negatively impact the quality of our lives and relationships. But it is not God’s plan for his followers to navigate the journey alone, or without the support and guidance of members of the faith community that are called and equipped to help those in need.


In my role as a psychologist, I seek to create a safe and comforting context in which people can share their story, overcome specific problems, heal from psychological injury, improve key life skills, and grow in their faith. My view is that each person is comprised of a unique combination of thoughts, spirit, feelings, behaviors, relationships, and soul, and that these parts are significantly influenced by the unique familial, cultural, and spiritual history of each client. Accordingly, my approach to therapy is intended to be holistic and inclusive of the physical and non-physical aspects of the individual. I draw from the overlapping disciplines of psychotherapy, spiritual formation, psychological assessment, and leadership coaching. It is the integration of these methodologies, along with a reliance on God’s grace and guidance, that best distinguishes my work as a therapist.


I typically work with adults between 18 and 50 years of age, providing individual, relationship, and group counseling options. My specialties include stress and anxiety, depression, relationship problems, grief and loss, spiritual abuse and formation, career transitions, work performance, anger and aggression, sexual compulsivity, and recent trauma experiences. I have special interest in being a resource to ministry staff, managers, and married couples. I draw from client-centered, family systems, narrative, cognitive-behavioral, and solution-focused therapies, along with many tools and techniques taken from hypnotherapy, brainspotting, and transpersonal therapy.


I have been providing services through my own counseling and consulting practice for the past fifteen years. In addition, I regularly provide psychological first aid to mangers and staff from organizations impacted by some form of traumatic event or loss, such as a death, robbery, or violence in the workplace. My background includes past positions with Park Nicollet Health, MDA Consulting, the Bridge, Family Based Therapy Associates, and Project Offstreets. As well as providing therapy, I have operated as a business psychologist, providing assessment, coaching, and training to leaders from a variety of industries. In terms of spiritual formation, I have provided spiritual coaching and counseling to individual clients, as well as part of the counseling staff at Church of the Open Door. I have also maintained faculty positions at the University of Minnesota, Bethel University, and the Art Institute of Minnesota, designing and teaching courses in counseling and other relevant psychological topics. Academically, I have an MS in marriage and family therapy from the University of Wisconsin, a certificate in addiction counseling from the University of Minnesota and have completed coursework toward a PhD in psychology from the University of Tilburg.