Counseling Groups

Saturday Morning Mens Group

Many men wish to have better relationships with others who have a significant place in their lives (family, employers, friends, co-workers).

Disruptions in relationships regularly occur in life and the experience of feeling disconnected is not uncommon. When this occurs with a significant relationship or with multiple relationships, a drop in overall satisfaction can easily occur (sadness, worry, frustration, resentments, or emptiness in one’s life).

Examples of disruptions include children growing older and leaving home, job loss, retirement, arguments, people moving away, divorce, separation, etc.

The group is intended to facilitate understanding ourselves as men and what we can do to improve the quality of our relationships with others.

To participate in the group, an individual assessment and a 10 week commitment is necessary. To find out more information contact group facilitator David Carroll Psy.D., L.P. at 651-439-2059 ext: 807 or by e-mail:

Since the group is considered therapy your insurance plan may cover the cost of the individual assessment and group meetings. For those whose insurance will not cover the cost or for those without insurance private pay is available.