Hello!! I’m so glad you’re here!

You’re looking for help, right? You’ve been going through something that you just can’t shake on your own? It’s been affecting your relationships, your sleep, your mood? That’s okay, because each of us go through times of emotional struggle and challenge, times when our heart-aches and times we just “don’t having the answers” to our problems. During those times, we need someone to talk to, to pray with, to gather perspective from and to sometimes challenge or even change our thinking or behavior. Everyone experiences times like these, and everyone needs help at some point or another to make it through them.

Psalm 25;17 reads ~ Relieve the troubles of my heart and bring me out of my distress. This simple prayer is the basis of my counseling. God has called us to be relational, to serve him and to serve and help others. My role as a Christian as well as a counselor is to be that help. As a Christ follower and counselor, I use my faith for these things, as well as my experience and knowledge to help guide our time together to relieve that stress, learn new skills and if needed, to find or improve your own relationship with God.


I’m a licensed clinical social worker, with my Master of Social Work Degree from Univ. of Tennessee/Nashville. I have over 15 years of experience working with adults, families and youth. I have 10 years of experience working specifically with Veterans and their families in crisis and suicide prevention.

I work with a variety of people, focusing on depression, anxiety, anger and grief & loss. I am skilled with helping adults and teens navigate through difficult emotions that can impact everyday functioning and relationships.

I think everyone is unique in their healing/changing process, and together we’ll set goals to restore a greater quality of life and regain and restore those relationships.