Chip Honer

In any good story the protagonist has to overcome adversity in order to achieve their goal. Frodo faced the temptation of Sauron, Rocky stood toe to toe with Ivan Drago, and Harry Potter battled Voldemort. I know we are not fictional characters fated to save the world from evil but we do share something in common with these heroes in the fact that we are on a journey. Our journey is also filled with adversity but instead of mythical creatures or insanely fit Russians it takes the form of grief, mental disorders, racism, depression, or relationship issues.

Another important aspect of the hero’s journey is the guide. There is usually a very mature person with loads of grey hair to help guide the protagonist. Frodo had Gandalf, Rocky had Mickey, and Harry had Dumbledore. The job of the guide is to provide support, encouragement, wisdom, and hope so the adventurer can keep moving forward.

I am most passionate about working with couples and groups, but honestly I have a heart to help anyone who has been hurt. My goal as a therapist is to listen to your story and learn how your experiences have impacted you. Then I will use a combination of Narrative and Emotion Focused Therapy to help you find healing and understand your true narrative.

My faith as a Christian is important to my foundation but I understand that your house and your foundation are what is important to your health. I seek only to be a guiding light as you find your way


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